Passion. Experience. Diligence.

At Tailor-Made Textiles, we guide you through the lengthy process of designing for the hospitality industry.
We know you face the immense task of specifying thousands of items for each project. We get it and we’re here to help.
We’re hands-on.  We keep it real.  We ask a lot of questions and we’re honest about what’s possible, what works and how we can adapt to budget and production limitations and meet your lead time.



Conversations, in-person meetings, exploring storyboards and renderings… immersion in a project sets the foundation for design.
Take us with you on your journey and we’ll add seamlessly to the design, bringing a personal touch, an authentic feel.

Material Selection

Expertly-guided material selection is a critical step that directs our entire process.
We use various traditional and modern techniques, different weave types and fibers depending on the usage and placement of each rug or tapestry.

Design and Creation

Our in-house CAD artists create a series of renderings expressing a unique vision for each project.


Hand-spun yarn, natural pigment dyes, stippling, striations, carving, braiding fringe… the fun stuff!
Using the purest materials and optimum construction techniques, the sampling process brings it all to life.

Model Review and Value Engineering (VE)

We review, discuss, adapt and change. Design and budget review is essential and sometimes a challenge but we don’t shy away, we’re prepared and ready to step up with creative solutions to keep your vision intact.


After all approvals, we get to work. With an experienced, watchful eye, expert quality controls and timely updates, you’re never chasing us or an order.
Striving for perfection while creating benchmarks for product quality we stand behind everything we make.

Delivery and Installation

We’re with you from inception to installation and we’re mindful about unnecessary transportation, helping to minimize our environmental impact.
Our local teams in NYC, Chicago, LA and South Florida provide high-quality, union and non-union installations, warehousing, on-site seaming and finishing as needed.